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♥ Tuesday, January 12, 2010♥

It has been a long long time since I've blogged. Straight to the point...Gotta do some goal setting for the yr!
1.Get God back into my life
2. To save back the money...
3. To lose some weight
4. To make ah boy and myself happy
5. To able to learn to ride a bicycle (quite difficult i think)
6. To get enough sleep
7. To plan for my future (It seems so bleak =(

Ok..don't know what to blog right now...

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Thursday, December 17, 2009♥

Felt lonely these few days =(
Thinking alot..wondering...its not tat kinda feelings I wanted!!

Drownng in my own t....

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Friday, September 18, 2009♥

Today..rainy...walked like a wandering soul after work!! Called ah boy but it seems i had made really upset with me!! was on the phone less than a few secs...I missed him so much!! Didn't dare to call him after tat though I want to...
Didn't eat for the past 2 days...only had a cup of milo each day to last me the whole day which i don noe how...
Reached home...suddenly I felt lonely...guess the weather made it worse...felt like crying but reminded myself not to cos ah boy had told me not to be emo!! Tried hard but didn't succeed!! =(
Was pissed that sister A tried to sabotage me to another ward...the most hated ward I didn't even wish to go!!Haiz...

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Thursday, August 20, 2009♥

Back to work after 10 days of leave...didn't do much during my leave!! Was kinda bored..hehe
Alrite,was in super low spirit these few days...first day back to work was left with alot of 'shit' to clear...making me much more busier than was needed to!! Had a fight with a patient,was trying to hold him yet he beat me!! Haiz Haiz
2nd day was worse...was scolded by drs right in front of so many ppl and that was not the fault of mine....haiz NVM took it in my stride somehow!! Couldn't help but tears did fall and went back home and cried myself to sleep!! Didn't msg or call ah boy much...anyway he's busy with his upcoming exams!! Read the email from workplace and found out that 'bro' still had that awful feeling in him and still couldn't forgive somehow!! Helpless--don't know how to make him feel better!! Couldn't really slp the whole night...feeling pain in the body...and I'm off to waste time at training... plus I hate the timing--9 to 5!!

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Friday, August 7, 2009♥

Oh yes...after 5 months of work Finally Finally Finally I'm on LEAVE!! Yippie!! 10 days straight!!heehee^^

Hmm..miss ah boy so much...didn't see him for a week!! HE fall terribly sick and I felt bad unable to acc him!!! Get well soon ok ah boy and stay healthy!! Was worried when you didn't ans the phone..thought u fainted!! Got something to cheer him up!!^^
My legs hurt...did 3 dressing today...each patient spending half and hour to an hour standing doing the job!!But the Time simply passed very slow!! waited very long for time to end work!!

Today was pissed with HY -.- Bickered with him and he made me fall in front of so many ppl...so irritating and embarrassed!! Nearly in tears and there val was making funny faces though he didn't know what happened!! Had a lousy day today...But I found out alot of colleagues were very concern..haha everyone starts to ask me wat happened when I sit quietly at the counter!!

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Monday, August 3, 2009♥

1st aug...Nurses' day...met up with ah boy before going to work!! He surprised me a gift..haha Sooo happy...finally did what I want!! ^^ Went to kovan to eat and he treated me to ICE-CREAM...yummy!! Afterwhich he send me to work!! Though just a short 1 hr plus tgt...its a blissful moment for me...have been smiling whole day and looking at the gift he gaven me..opps!!

Back to work..received my nurse's day gifts..its a lunch box with a bag that can warmth the food..a 2 GB thumdrive and a rubber stretcher for exercise...at first was wondering wat's that for and kal was telling me its a toniquet tat I can cut into the size I want and I naively believe...so dumb of me...realised its for exercising when I reach home!!

These 3 days have been runnung abt looking for pt...have been tired out by the hide and seek game!! One patient like this is enough..luckily he is going home!!
Another old patient simply is so cute...keep calling "miss ar...pls help me..pls help me", "Today I was too rush and I forgot to bring $$...I wanna see ur manager abt the bill...so how much is the bill??"....so funny!!
Hmm...boss recently have been talking to us abt taking good care of parents and marriage at what age and how to maintain good relationship with your partner and how to be thrifty...blah blah blah...not bad at all...its rare to have a boss like tat unlike tat old woman who scold for minor things and HL-ING abt herself and looking down on ppl even though she always denies it!! boss now is like another father to us though he sometimes acts eccentric...ahhaa Fav phrase of his:Treat all pts like ur father...care for them like u would do to ur own father...He likes to remind us abt finding a man with 2Rs...hehe

HAIZ...don't know what happened to my phone...simply saddened...my beloved photos are lost!! =( Don't know why my heart felt ache...Today...took a day of AL,planning to meet ah boy but decide not to...he's studying for test..so jia you jia you ah boy!!^^
Wat should I do neh?? hmm...I SIMPLY DON'T KNOW!! haha
3 more days!! 3 more days!!

my love for stars never crease..

♥ Saturday, July 25, 2009♥

Don't know wat to blog though...hmm haven really been working in the ward for a few days..have been attending training...oh my headache...always have test at the end!! But its interesting cos it helps me increase my knowledge and skills...haha Aww...going for another training again..this time is some 'professional image'..waste of time!!

Have been doing some calculations...hmm had increment recently but it seems no diff cos need to start repay my sis for the poly study loan!! Hope I can faster repay back!! Seems like alot of things to pay...bills bills bills..aiyo!! No worries no worries...still got $$ to spend!! hehe

Today our boss said something that stirred some feelings from my heart!! During our mini meeting,he was sharing hw hard his life was when he is young. His father had passed away when he is in sec sch and hw before that he needs to carry him home from hospital to take cab as at tat time he don have $$ to book an ambulance and hw he worked so hard to support himself and his family. He said..being parents are not easy..must always love ut parents and take good care of them as they also work so hard to raise us up... Yes I agree,at that moment I was thinking about my parents...they have worked hard and way too hard!! Time to repay them!! By being filial!!
God Have been very kind and blessed us in many small and big ways..my sisters have good marriage, good and sensible handsome,pretty children and me have a good job and the only worry now is my youngest sis... haiz
Most of the time,be content with whatever we have is a form of great happiness...no sumptuous food,expensive clothing,fancy bags..just simple fare with family/friends...love from everyone,a good stable job and happy marriage is just so bliss!!Most important is to have a good and healthy life!! ok...Its just some random thoughts!! haha Don't know what I'm blogging also!! too random

Small gestures and littles things that are being done to me..I deeply appreciate and moved!! ^_^
Can't wait for my AL Al AL to come!!

my love for stars never crease..